Differing Perspectives

I’m not sure how to describe this without unecessary details. So, I’ll leave it with this: If you know what I mean, much Love to you. If you don’t know what I mean, much Love to you.

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New Beginnings: Taking Off the Gloves

I am working hard on creating a new life for myself. Since my childhood, I have struggled with varying intensities of psychological illness. In spite of this, I have accomplished many things that “should not have been possible”. My strategy was always to fight harder than anything Life could put in my way (It is never a good idea to be against me). Now that I am getting older, I’m noticing that my body simply cannot maintain this heightened “Fight Mode” like it used to. Perhaps there is another way. Love.

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Be Your Own Hero

Sometimes we spend so much energy seeing the good in other people that we forget to recognize the good in ourselves.

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New Direction for my Art

One of the primary reasons for my shift in art activity from the street to my desk is my need to be more expressive in my writing. Continue reading

New Backgrounds


Today I finished preparing new backgrounds for my writing. Continue reading