New Stickers + Good Weather = Street Time

Locked. Loaded. Ready to go…

I am constantly painting and writing text for new stickers. Simply creating the text takes a very long time:

1. Thinking of the text and going through the many revisions for the right words and right tone

2. Practicing the words in calligraphy to get script and the spacing correct

3. Painting the backgrounds (usually 2-3 days because of the steps for drying)

4. Putting it all together.

5. Getting angry because I made a spelling mistake on the last word of a sticker, and must start over. (But lucky that I saw the mistake at home and not in the street)

So, it can easily be a week or two from the first flash of an idea for a new sticker until it is ready for the street. Therefore, there are easily many hours of work to be done every day. Thank goodness I love it!

When the weather is right and my energy is strong, I wake up early and hit the street. It is a wonderful feeling.

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3 thoughts on “New Stickers + Good Weather = Street Time

  1. Geez, they’re neat alright! …
    My fav one of those: “The warm encouragement of hopes and dreams is nice, but few things are as efficient as the solid kick of reality” !!! Word!!

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