My Inspiration Station


Why should I go out for the first coffee, when I can I bring it to me? I don’t drink a lot of coffee, but I do drink coffee regularly. I usually have one cup to get the engine running, then another in the afternoon to help keep my mood from dropping off. I am a huge advocate of coffee therapy. However, I have found that it is best of I limit myself to two or three cups per day. Any more and I can’t keep my hand steady for writing or the super-sensitive touch that I need for painting.

When I don’t to do any writing or painting, I will treat myself to my favorite coffee: a cup of regular coffee with an added shot of espresso. Oh yeah! Good morning!

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2 thoughts on “My Inspiration Station

  1. Bei allem Respekt, aber was du machst sind doch inhaltsleere kalendersprüche und keine “Kunst”. Nimm die Kunst und dich selbst mal nicht so ernst, zu behaupten die Welt wäre nicht schlimm und alles was schief läuft wäre nicht unsere Schuld ist einfach verdammt arrogant.


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