CHON: Street Style to Home Style


From Nov 2016 – Dec 2016 I did a special project. 

When I was in the clinic, I heard about a local art collective ( I don’t consider myself an artist, but I have a definite interest in art and creative people. So, I called a friend and we went to our first meeting together. I was hooked. Now I go to the meetings every week.

During the Christmas season, the group hosted a local-artsist Christmas market. The things that I make are unique, so I figured that I would step out of the shadows of my street art photography and make some things for the market.

The street art community operates with annoymity. Consequently, I could not have a market table with products made under NoTos. So I came up with a special name just for this event: CHON. The letters represent the chemical elements that are essential for life. Like Love. This fit my style perfectly.

I did better than most at the market, but there was only enough money to pay for my table and to buy dinner that evening. It was immensely stressful. With so much preparatory work and so little return, I was emotionally crushed. As I understand things, most artists sell through the internet these days, anyway. These markets are really just a showroom for their web sites.

I hated the market…BUT…it sparked the beginning of the project that I did on the Rhein last week. Sometimes, we can never know from where inspiration will come.

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