Rhein River Project

This is the largest project that I have done so far. This is a metal utility box on the Rhein River. From this location, the view of the river and the Theodore Heuss Bridge is beautiful.

Last summer I did a project here in which I attached painted hearts to the side of the box. Each heart represented something posititive in my life, past or present. Very early every morning for about two weeks, I came to the box with a new pocketful of hearts and meditated about positive things.

This project is similar, except instead of being just for me, I wish to share the positive feelings. Last fall I started collected pieces of wood. Over the Christmas holidays, I started cutting, painting and writing the text. After many weeks, I finished all the pieces. Then, I just needed to wait for the cold, wet winter weather to break so that I could have ideal conditions for working outside. Last Thursday, I finally had my chance.

This project was far more work that I realized. I definitely underestimated how physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting it would be. But I am happy that is done and available for my city.

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