Mainz, Germany (Johannes Gutenberg University)

Usually my region of Germany is cloudy, cold and wet every day from Christmas until Easter. But, on this day, Mother Nature gave us a break and let us have sunshine and some warmer weather. Most days I take the streetcar from my apartment into the city. But since the weather was nice, I decided to ride to the university then walk the rest of the way. This was a good choice. I had the chance to take photos of some paintings that I normally only see from the streetcar.

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7 thoughts on “Mainz, Germany (Johannes Gutenberg University)

    • Thank you. It is fun to be back. Putting together a blog with my photos and art will be a challenge. But im not the kind of person to back down. My goal is to kind of combine my pictures with text about the pictures and what was going on with me at the time. A picture is worth a thousand words. But a picture with words is even better.

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      • I completely understand. I am transitioning to doing more online because I don’t want to put my hardcore thoughts on the streets. I will only put positive messages on the streets. But I can be completely open on here. It is important that the tough feelings have a chance to come out too.

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      • Yeah, for sure. I do something similar I guess .. leave ‘responding protest’ for FB page etc, and personal FB for fams etc … but the other stuff comes tumbling out here 🙂 … I’m glad your back though friend 🙂


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