Mainz and Wiesbaden (2016)

In general, I hate walking. It is slow and boring. But when walking means the possibility of finding more street art, I get excited.

These paintings are just a few of the many that I found between Mainz-Kastel and Wiesbaden on one afternoon last summer.

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5 thoughts on “Mainz and Wiesbaden (2016)

    • I am not sure. Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out the text. But I think these are two different artists. The one with the dragon is signed on the bottom left, and there is no sign on the other one. (I’m still learning how to read the paint styles. It’s like a new language)

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      • Yeah I wondered … They usually have a similar style to all their pieces ay.
        I like what you’re doing though … I love graf art … and theres not enough of it where I live 🙂 So I’ll enjoy yours !

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      • This photo was taken at a site in Wiesbaden. There are pieces from many visitors on these walls, so it is hard to learn the styles. It is fun to see how creative people can be when they decide to step out of the trendy styles. I try to avoid taking photos of things that just follow the current trends.

        Since my thing is so completely different, it was hard for me to get respect on the street in the beginning. My stickers were often taken down, painted over, or scratched out. In response I just did more and bigger stickers. And if I figured out who fucked with my things, I’d go fuck with theirs (I have time and crazy on my side! Haha). Now I have earned my spot, and I can chill. I love when I see people taking photos of my stickers.

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