Graffiti To Go

Street art is a dynamic art. It is always changing. What exists one day, may be gone the next. With mixed feelings the street artist must work in this environment. It always hurts when a piece of work is defaced or painted over. There are also mixed feelings when a sticker or other material piece that was intended for everyone to enjoy is removed by someone. I believe that most people innocently don’t understand how many hours may go into designing, creating and placing good street art.

However, for the artists, all, is not bad when a piece is removed. Such a loss can also be seen as a compliment. Some people go to amazing lengths to remove a piece of art. This says that they really liked the piece and REALLY wanted it.

For a few weeks last spring, I was losing just about every sticker that I put out. I was new to the scene and my work is exceptionally colorful and meaningful. Even worse was that if a sticker did not come off easily, it would get torn and look awful. I was sad and frustrated. I wanted to quit. Then I got the idea to make stickers specifically for people to take. I did not use strong adhesives and the new mindset brought me calm if they were removed. I would actually even wonder if one of the new stickers wasn’t taken! Additionally, I started making cards that people could pick up for free at my favorite cafes. Graffiti To Go.

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