New Double-Sided Sticker design

The idea of making stickers with text on both sides came to me as a personal challenge. After I succeeded in making a double-sided sticker, I challenged myself to raise the challenge to create a sticker that has text that can be read in both directions, from both sides of the sticker. Continue reading


Gift for My Nephew

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I very rarely do any art pieces for myself. No particular reason. It just doesn’t work that way. Even if I hang something on my wall, I know that eventually it will become a gift for someone that fits it perfectly, or it will go out into the street if I see the perfect location.

This is a piece I have been working on for a long time. I’m still not perfectly satisfied, so there is a good chance that I think will be scratched out and cleared for another attempt…


Graffiti Hunting in Mainz-Kastel

Spring is slowly coming. Often after a weekend of nice weather, I can find good paintings to photograph (spraying is more comfortable when the weather is nice). Unfortunately, there was not much to find at my regular spot, but I found these two.

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New Stickers

New stickers that will find new homes this week. I have put up so many stickers that many of the best places have already been taken by something from me. So, I decided that I can “update” old stickers with new ones.

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Differing Perspectives

I’m not sure how to describe this without unecessary details. So, I’ll leave it with this: If you know what I mean, much Love to you. If you don’t know what I mean, much Love to you.

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